Neoseeker : News : Koch Media acquires Homefront IP and Homefront: The Revolution's dev team from Crytek
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TheButcher99999 Jul 30, 14
This whole Crytek thing is crazy, has anyone actually asked for another Home Front game? Erm even another Ryse game?

Home Front was awful and Ryse average at best. No wonder they are in financial trouble.
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KISH1975 Aug 2, 14
homefront was great sp story game that had emotion , ryse was average but look around when we get a new lame football game every single year or the million dynasty warriors games do you really think that its weird . No because I know I wanted more homefront and nearly everyone I know who played through the whole sp liked it , what we need to get rid of is junk like titanfall releasing a $60 game that's mp only and has no weapons or anything know that's pathetic when you get under 10 guns , 3 titans , 3-4 ordnances all for a high price of $60 . Also do a bit of research homefront actually sold very well and just because you don't like it does not mean others feel the same and I no they don't because as I said the sale figures don't lie and it sold better than the majority of games out there .
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