Neoseeker : News : Goblin assassin and thief, 'Styx: Master of Shadows' has a summer story trailer to share
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Shockwave07 Jul 18, 14
I agree with the article that the video doesn't give much on Styx's motivations, but there are more elements than just that:

1. Goblins seem to be thought of as myths in this world, at least by humans.

2. The heart tree seems to be of some importance, but of what kind?

3. The voice towards the end implies Styx's job is to steal the heart of this tree and he is not to leave the compound without it. Why? And who is giving the orders?

It's not much to go on, but this seems more a teaser than a full trailer so there could be more to come if I was to take a guess. This game has my interest.
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