Neoseeker : News : Humble 2K Bundle brings out all the BioShocks, with a healthy share of XCOM, Darkness and Mafia too
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Insanity Prevails Jul 8, 14
Bioshock's the main reason I threw money at this. I did try the demo of the first game some time ago, but at the time I didn't think the computer I had at the time could properly handle it (it ran it but it didn't feel smooth and my system wasn't build for gaming then anyway). I had skipped them during the Steam sale but this seemed like a good opportunity to pick them up.

Well, at least the first two games.
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ashantiqua Jul 8, 14
bioshock 1 - pretty great atmosphere if you take it slow; recommend

the bureau - sh*t

the darkness II - pretty ok at best, but a bit novel

bioshock 2 - essentially a half-baked bioshock 1 expansion; fine if you have an insatiable bioshock1 itch

mafia 2 - mafia 1 was amazing, but this one not so much... at all

spec ops the line - people get a boner for the story / moral choices... no one really talks about the gameplay

xcom - oh hell yes (though the difference between normal and hard difficulty is huge)

bioshock infinite - people love it, but its gameplay and story left me wanting

and there ya have it - my 'nobody asked you' opinion on all these games.
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kin333x Jul 8, 14
Would you kindly pay $20 or more.
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bluexy Jul 8, 14
@ ashantiqua

I care. Now give me a hug you accountless lug, you.
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jandresgomez Jul 8, 14
ashantiqua story left you wanting? You have seriously got to be kidding me, the game has massive story, and you said yourself that you recommend bioshock 1, being infinite´s DLC and main story line the ones that crack up the bioshock 1 mistery.. you make no sense whatsoever
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AznLiquid Jul 8, 14
He has a point about Infinite's gameplay. The shooting mechanics are very mediocre for a game of its scale. The skyhook gimmick was poorly implemented, but could have been amazing. Infinite was still one of my favourite games last year, but it has its fair share of problems.

The Bureau is pretty disappointing but definitely worth the $1 minimum. Spec Ops was great, repetitive gameplay but great story and acting. Solid bundle, one of the best in a long time.
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jandresgomez Jul 9, 14
AznLiquid yeah he does, the gameplay had its flaws, thats why I didnt mention that part
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