Neoseeker : News : Killing Floor 2's friendly faces introduced in 'Horzine Biotech Confidential Specimen Footage'
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bluexy Jun 25, 14
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Lorx Jun 25, 14
Interesting, wonder if we'll see a complete list soon.

I'd agree Slasher looks like a Gorefast replacement, but one that will be a giant pain to headshot.

Cysts if I recall correctly are supposed to be some sub-clot level easy thing, but that could have changed. Would make sense with how they portrayed it though.

I...think it'd be safe to expect many of the other specimens that haven't been shown to return. If there was any one that wouldn't, perhaps the Stalker. Their invisibility did much previously, so they basically were just another Clot to experienced players.
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pablopicasso2006 Jun 26, 14
All are returning, with more. The developers have already stated that what they are doing, is taking everything from the first. And just doing MORE of it. Not taking away.
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