Neoseeker : News : Microsoft: Unlocking Xbox One GPU for developers won't disable core Kinect functionality
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Rayce Jun 17, 14
So this is pretty much unused hardware with no harmful backfires if they are used? It wouldn't make much sense to just leave these unused tbh, why not just release them in the first place?
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Zombie_Barioth Jun 17, 14
This is something that really should have been there day-1. Of course Microsoft would look like a fool if they went on boasting about how kinect is so integral to the Xbox One only for nobody bothered to actually use it.

Although, that backfired too...
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THM Jun 19, 14
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ashantiqua Jun 19, 14
if the Xbone ver. of destiny is now at 1080p due to this "GPU unlock", what resolution was it at before?

900p? 765p?

lets say it was 900p... 1080p is 44% more pixels than 900p assuming a 16:9 aspect ratio... if +~10% GPU power = ~44% pixels... thatd be impressive (and kinda retarded).

and for fun, lets see how many more pixels 1080p is over 765p assuming 16:9... its 99.3%, so practically 2x the pixels.
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