Neoseeker : News : GOG Galaxy PC platform announced, 'Optional Client', 'Freedom of Choice' and 'Cross-Play'
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Aulis Vaara Jun 5, 14
Dear game devs,

From now on, any game that isn't available on GOG doesn't exist to me. GOG shows time and time again that it does its best to do right by its customers, and because of this, it has my loyalty.

So if you want to sell me your game: DRM-free and on GOG, please.
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AkaiEdge Jun 5, 14
Wow. Such freedom. Very optional. Much platform. So galactic. Wow.
As long as GOG's games will always be DRM-free, I'm all for this.
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bluexy Jun 5, 14
AkaiEdge Yeah... the buzzword focus of the trailer was pretty odd for GOG, but they still get the benefit of the doubt in my book.
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AkaiEdge Jun 6, 14
I wasn't saying it was odd or anything bad.
I just got reminded of a meme for some reason, and couldn't resist posting that.
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