Neoseeker : News : Experience The Walking Dead's first season in pinball form, Zen Studios partners with Telltale
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nathanx Jun 4, 14
Welp, the only thing I have to say about this is that it's the first Walking Dead game that's E10+ xD I really want to know who's gonna buy this >.>
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DedValve Jun 4, 14
Now you too can enjoy the emotional rollercoaster of Clementine and Lee in pinball form!

Earn 500 pts for the emotional gripping combo booster, pre-order today at your local gamestop for the "feels" edition with extra "much cry, wow sadness". Look at this snippet from polygon!

"The Walking Dead:The pinball was one of the most emotionally satisfying games ever. My heart sank when Clementine ball landed on the Lee flipper and almost slipped into the zombie hole but bounced up and grabbed 500 Kenny points. And when the duck ball slipped into the carly slot I was all ;_; 10/10 would grab again"

If you pre-order from bestbuy you'll get an early access beta to Borderlands: The pinball pre-interquel and a sneak preview at the game of thrones: a song of dance and revolution!

Pre-order the season pass today!
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