Neoseeker : News : Microsoft acquires Rise of Nations franchise, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition available this June
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dilute May 30, 14
Played the original RoN Gold back when it was released in the '00s. Was addicted to it; this is gonna be fun o:
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Xperious May 30, 14
I tried to install RON:Gold a few weeks ago after getting the urge to play it again, but the damn windows installer is corrupt on my laptop for some reason and I am unable to fix it. So I am unable to play anything that uses the Windows Installer to install game.(I really wanna play the Movies game )

*bleep*ing Windows 8!
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Christopher May 31, 14
Hopefully they will 're-release Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends as well down the road, that game was fun as well.
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jorjaodunsh Jun 1, 14
I think this will be a great game after Microsoft acquired it.
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Russell Rivera Jun 8, 14
Rise of Nations: Extended Edition will be available exclusively for PCs running Windows 7 and 8.1. Install widows 8.1 for your laptop or PC . After that it will definitely install in you PC.
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