Neoseeker : News : Battlefield: Hardline leak sees internal gameplay footage highlighting multiplayer modes like Heist
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S-I-E May 29, 14
say, this doesn't look bad at all.
battlefield stuff as usual but with a nice twist that focusses on law enforcement instead. this could be fun.

the glitches from bf4 came to mind when pondering a bit about buying this at release or not but i get the feeling that the same mistake won't happen again at least for a short while. yeah, i'm interested.

thanks for making an article about this!
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DarkLordAkuma May 29, 14
Yeaaaaa.... they might want to fix their buggy as shit engine. I'm tired of beta testing their game when it's "Launched". Then they bring out a load of cash grabbing DLC, while the game is still buggy as hell. No money from me until you sort your priorities out.
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pokemon speedy May 29, 14
^^ Agreed. I love the ideas that the video has shown but unless they fix the bugs then it's pointless. Cracking looking game but technical difficulties and BF4's horrendus rep means that the open beta they eventually release will need to be exceptionally polished.
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