Neoseeker : News : Dota 2 International 2014's 'Compendium' revealed, 25% of each purchase added to prize pool
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THM May 10, 14
My life revolves around books!!
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Bale Fire May 10, 14
Just saw this posted on Reddit. I didn't actually play Dota 2 back when TI3 was happening last year, so I'm excited to experience everything the second time around.

I'll be picking up a compendium in a day or two, when I'm sure all the bugs have been worked out.
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waffles May 11, 14
The compendium can actually be leveled up infinitely. Some people are already past level 1058. (meaning they spent $440 and contributed 1/4 of that to the prize pool)
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ShinyMilotic May 12, 14
TI4 already has a bigger prize pool than TI3 after just a few days of compendiums on sale, they sold like crazy this year.
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michael20502 May 13, 14
how can i buy for this game on load online.....? by michael..hehehe
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