Neoseeker : News : Microsoft's E3 2014 press conference 'Xbox: Game On' starts June 9 at 9:30
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Tommy Vercetti May 6, 14
I'm predicting,

Conker, Bajo Kazooie
Gears of War teaser
Quantum Break gameplay
Sunset Overdrive gameplay with Xbox One bundle announcement with SO paint job
Price Drop
Kinectless SKU(probably 5% chance)
The Division gameplay
Halo 2 Anniversary announcement
Halo 5 release date

All aboard!
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Chris May 6, 14
I think it's going to be a very exciting couple of months for Xbox fans with news beginning to spill about new IPs and sequels. I'd expect something from the Halo team and I'm more inclined to believe it'll be something positive about Halo 5.
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Darknet May 6, 14
What with the hype around The International and how busy my life has been, I completely forgot about We.
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DedValve May 6, 14
hell yeah, let the games begin.
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Leon_Gehste May 6, 14
Might sleep right through it like i did last year, I am not a morning person, Might be up for EA's. Judging by this year's E3 will determine which console I will get first
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