Neoseeker : News : NVIDIA offering Watch Dogs free with GeForce GTX cards
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THM Apr 29, 14
$390 and up??? Thanks, I have my trusty PlayStation 4....
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ashantiqua Apr 29, 14
$400 and up really is just waaaaay too much money for the present gaming landscape. What the fudge does anyone need a ~$600 gtx780ti for?

Next gen games arent yet out for PC (non-cross-gen games) so theres no way if knowing a 780 and friends will be adequate.

And most importantly... Nvidias next gen GPUs arent all too far away, which are planned to support all sorts of sexy features like stacked dram.

So really... Whats the point? Just... Wrong pricing points all over. But i guess someones buying em....
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dvrocc Apr 29, 14
People wont be buying the $400 cards to get one free game because most people already pre-ordered watchdogs any way, however the Nvidia fanboys want the 4 - way SLI Titan Black's for $1200+ bucks each so why bother dropping $400 bucks on a single card & one game, why not buy 4 cards and get a bundle deal as they games roll out through the year?

Personally I think Nvidia got bumped off the graphics card throne when AMD tossed in the the Radeon R9 295x2 and shook everything up now Nvidia is scrambling, and the good thing is that its not the first time AMD kicked Nvidia to the curb.

I will wait this one out and get the best of the years games on Steam or other sources when they are on sale!
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dilute May 2, 14
Guess who's thinking of upgrading his PC? I have a few bucks to spare too.
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