Neoseeker : News : Youkai Watch 2's debut trailer has so much Level-5 charm that it's almost spooky
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Spook Apr 15, 14
But which version has Kuwagasama? That'll be the one to go for.
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Verotten Apr 20, 14
Supposedly this is massively trending in Japan right now, maybe Level-5 is justified in thinking it's the next best thing?

If this game winds up being as successful as they're expecting, I'd be surprised if they don't at least try and see how the NA market reacts to the series.
I bet us EUers will be left in the dark twiddling our thumbs though. xD
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Aurigae Apr 21, 14
Give us the 1st one before releasing a second.

To be honest, I believe Level-5 are making up for the lack of Layton in their next Professor Layton games. I just hope Ghost Watch is equally as charming as the PL series.
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Spook Apr 21, 14
Aurigae, it's not. Then again, I've never been a fan of Layton, so maybe it's more charming in its own way.

NA/EU is not getting the first game. Level-5 has already said as much. But keep your fingers crossed for a localized version of Gold/Silver. This isn't a series that's going to peter out anytime soon overseas, with more manga on the way, so if it does come over it'll need all the support it can get for a foundation for future titles.

And by the way, the manga is much, much better than the in-game story.
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