Neoseeker : News : League of Legends bids URF Mode farewell because April Fools' passed, Riot promises it will return
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bluexy Apr 14, 14
Gone, but never forgotten. <3
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Lorx Apr 14, 14
I get the cries to make it permanent, it's probably the best feature mode we've had yet, but I also don't really see that as the long-term solution Riot was looking for with this. They built the mode to shuffle things around and have some fun, and while URF is head and shoulders above it's predecessors, I think the best hope we have as players who liked it, is to hope Riot's taken in what 'clicked' with URF and why it was so hilarious. Putting that knowledge to use as they continue to plan more feature modes. I think they were surprised by how popular URF continued to be after release, which is why we got an extension. Looking forward to the data they mentioned coming out later this week, so we can see more about how well the mode did overall.

In any case, hilarious April Fools, Riot did not disappoint.
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ShadowCrystallux Apr 20, 14
This game mode was amazing, it's a shame that I can't play it now that I'm back from China .
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