Neoseeker : News : Star Citizen hits $41M in crowdfunding, studio pledges to remain independent
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Shadow of Death Apr 1, 14
I don't know much about this game, but I don't really like how much they're charging for ships. Obviously people like what they're seeing, but the cost of getting all ships is EXPENSIVE. Like "Makes Train Simulator look cheap" expensive >_>

Obviously, other people don't mind too much. Just seems a bit 'pay to win' TBH.
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kin333x Apr 1, 14
Death... You don't know what crowd funding is do you? What the buying of the ships does is it will allow you to unlock whatever ship you purchase as soon as the game comes out, right now all you can do is view the ship. And the more expensive ship packs come with goodies like a collectors map or a spaceship thumb drive. And its kinda hard for a game that is pay once have the whole game to be pay to win...

Edit: Also all the ships are unlockable in game without purchasing anything but the game its self... All this is is pledging money for bonus's, ever hear of kickstarter?
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Shadow of Death Apr 2, 14
kin33x - Thanks for that delightfully patronizing reply sir. Fair point about stuff being unlockable in-game but from a casual glance it just looked like you had to buy the ships to use them.
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tekmosis Apr 2, 14
tbh their crowd sourcing method is pretty shady and it tricks people into thinking you're buying ships. I know it's a "if you donate this much you get this" but it comes across as trying to sell ships instead.
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kin333x Apr 2, 14
Shadow of Death - True that from a casual point of view it would look like you would have to buy the ships... But its kinda weird that a casual would be looking at a game that's not even alpha that quite clearly states that you are "pledging" money. I was not trying to be patronizing i was just trying to clear things up like anyone would do because like you said, casual people might get confused.

All of the ship packages come with the main game and other goodies. The more expensive the more and better the goodies are. Like access to the alpha and beta when they come out.

I'm still kind of wondering why anyone would buy something like this without viewing at least the faq, or doing a little research.

And i'm sorry if i'm coming off patronizing. I just hate when people come out and talk about stuff they have not even looked into.
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