Neoseeker : News : World of Tanks physics update incoming, beware of flying turrets
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Socialist GAmer Mar 5, 14
In a good shape, I suppose
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Cheeseman Mar 6, 14
I can see it now... an upside down M3 Lee on every hill.
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Lorx Mar 7, 14
9.0 is technically the next patch in cycle, though what's within it is a bit fluid. It...should see release this month...hopefully.

It's been hard for me to keep track of just when all of it is coming out for the 9.0 build. The Havok engine looks really sweet, but in addition WG is also replacing all the tank models with far higher quality pieces. This is some comparison footage of a Russian heavy tank that was rather eye-opening for just how much of an improvement it'll be.

The suspension update within the engine is probably going to be something that matters a lot more than it would appear at first glance. Should help a lot with tanks designed to be fighting on the move, and really increase what they can do, as well as give more defined weaknesses to tanks with poor suspension. This is probably the most relevant part of the update to me specifically, since I tend to play a lot of tank lines with highly capable suspension, like the JPanther and E25.

There's also Historical Battles incoming, playing out battles from history, but side-modes tend to get lost and forgotten very quickly, so while WG seems very proud of this, it probably will mean next to nothing. For instance, they introduced a new random battle type last patch, which sets both teams up with tanks from a single country each, but I think I've been in all of three matches of that type since it's release last month, out of the many games I've played.

Something more normal that's scheduled for 9.0 is some map balancing, which is always appreciated even if it sometimes does absolutely nothing useful (looking at you El Halluf). The maps mentioned are;
  • Serene Coast - Already been taken out of rotation, reworked, and put back in, while still managing to somehow suck. The map layout heavily favors the South spawn on all flanks.
  • Pearl River - I find this map stupidly annoying because it's fairly bad for long-range TD unless you're actively losing ground in the right spots.
  • Malinovka - Suffers from El Halluf syndrome, very one-dimensional play caused by the map being far too open in design. It's a giant field, next to another giant field. Both of which are useless death traps.
  • Severgorsk - Honestly have no clue what woes this map has, as I rarely random into it.
In addition we're seeing some balancing for tanks, soundtrack additions, etc. All in all a very full patch. But what matters the most is of course that I can do flips in my ELC AMX while drag-racing it across the map, since they're removing the tilt limiter.

So yeah, a lot planned for the 9.0 update, hopefully it all actually makes it in and the patch is released sometime before 2015.
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