Neoseeker : News : FEZ heads to PlayStation systems March 25, share purchase and save file across all your PSN devices
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rpg Mar 3, 14
Waaait, I was pretty sure there was a "never going to release response" from the creator.

All I got to say then is, hehehehehehehe knew it.

I must really be delayed on this piece of news >.
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Jak Mar 3, 14
PSN games take note, FEZ is doing it right
Doing what right? Being able to play it on the PS3, PS4 and Vita after buying it on just one of those consoles, or being an exceptionally mediocre game?
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Peace-Child Mar 3, 14
rpg Phil Fish also stated that he was never going to release it on PC because "PCs are for spreadsheets".

I guess FEZ is one hella stylish spreadsheet.

But seriously, you gotta remember that this is the same guy who cancelled a game because he got his feelings hurt.
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