Neoseeker : News : DayZ creator Dean Hall to leave Bohemia Interactive by end of year
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resi _4_zombie Feb 24, 14
Dean is too friendly with the press. Calling his dream a "fundamentally flawed concept" is a bad move too make, especially considering his announcement of resignation. It only reinforces peoples hate for him, since a lot of people believe he is just bailing on the alpha. I say good for him. He really is a kickstarter for projects on the indie scale, and when the game exits alpha, he won't be needed, sadly. He once said himself he believes he will be a nuisance in beta because while the rest of the team is working on bugs, as lead developer he'd be bottlenecking their output.

Still, sad to see the developer to go, and the rest of the team should be able to finish and develop the game without him.
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