Neoseeker : News : NVIDIA pledges more support for Linux open source 'Nouveau' driver
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THM Feb 6, 14
Does it mean we will be able to see more possibilities for open content syndication?!
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Shadow of Death Feb 6, 14
Well, it's good that Linux is getting more Driver support. We might eventually see comparable performance between Linux and Windows machines in future. I know that with the same hardware, the Linux OS version loses a chunk of FPS.

I don't really know how well AMD has support Linux in the past. I'd think they'd have been more to invite outliers to their hardware since they're something of the underdog in the GPU competition (less so these days though).
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Avalith Feb 6, 14
AMD still works on the fglrx driver but it's a bigger pain in the ass than the nv driver. Dynamite can tell you first hand how close she's come to crying when trying to help me with that driver in the past.
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