Neoseeker : News : BioWare releasing Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Kits for fans, starting with Morrigan
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SpartanNinja Feb 4, 14
Morrigan has a healthy following of haters? The hell? She was the most fun character to listen to aside from Oghren and his idiocy... But yeah its cool that they are helping fans out.
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Aulis Vaara Feb 5, 14
Oh boy. BioWare really needs to get its priorities straight. We need a decent game, not good cosplaying material.
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dvrocc Feb 5, 14
Dragon Age: Inquisition ftw! now to the comments.

Wonder why the hard push with the character Morrigan so much?

Will we at least have some of the other NPCs that were in DA 1 & 2?

Hopefully DirectX 11+ with all the bells and whistles it supports will be enabled with high end systems this would make for an even deeper play with awesome graphics xD

Also wonder if Claudia Black be the voice for Morrigan once again because if she isn't then this game will be as popular as DA2, 90% of the people enjoyed Morrigan because of the voice actor (Claudia Black) and the humor/voice style she added to the character it would be a shame to see be voice work done by some one else.
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Jessica Merizan the community director is a cosplayer.She was on that cosplay show on the sci-fi network.
I presume this stuff was done for her benefit/for the cosplay community.

Pretty sure Claudia Black will be Morrigan's voice.
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