Neoseeker : News : WildStar's latest DevSpeak covers customization, like hoverboard accessories
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DarkLordAkuma Jan 29, 14

So badly want this game! I got chance to play in the stress test and it;'s pretty sweeeeeeet!
1 thumbs!
Shadow of Death Jan 29, 14
The game offers a lot of customization.....except for the body shapes/sizes >_>

Probably done to simplify hitboxes and avoid people exploiting said hitboxes (IE: Make a really small character that's hard to hit with high attacks).
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ZombiiTech Jan 29, 14
So can't wait for this game, jonesing for it SOOOOO badly and all its customizations and mad awesomeness! Was quite odd though, the hoverboard character animations kind of slightly reminded me of the hoverboard animations in There virtual-world.
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