Neoseeker : News : Square Enix launches Collective indie support platform, pilot phase showcasing three games
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Shadow of Death Jan 27, 14
I'm guessing you'll be covering the other ones shortly eh, bluexy?

The first one you covered has a poor approval ratio. The other two are doing much better. World War Machines is receiving a good deal of positive attention to be sure, and it does look good.

Yay Post-apocalyptic Toronto? Don't think I've seen a game set in that city (if only partially, unless that concept art was just convenient for them).
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Epoch Jan 27, 14
I look forward to seeing what the other devs do in response. If this work the way its intended.
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bluexy Jan 27, 14
Shadow of Death I covered the one I did because there was a lot of hearsay going around Ruffian Games announcing Crackdown 3. Otherwise I would have skipped it. Not sure I'll get to the others until they're successfully crowdfunded.

Just a coincidence the Ruffian Games one looks pretty bad.
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