Neoseeker : News : Shovel Knight's updated release date is March 31, trailer proclaims 'The Legend is Unearthed'
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Avalith Jan 23, 14
So that's what Link looks like with armor and a shovel.
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DedValve Jan 23, 14
Hmpf, why isn't this sexy game on my vita? Grr I don't want to have to buy it on 3DS but if I must....

Looks amazing.
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THM Jan 23, 14
Please bring Contra on 3DS, Konami!!!!
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AkaiEdge Jan 23, 14
What is this?
Super Mega Castle Legend?
(Mario)(Man)(vania)(of Zelda)
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Shadow of Death Jan 24, 14
I might grab this on the cheap. Looks OK, and very retro styled graphics, moreso than a lot of 'retro' styled games.
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