Neoseeker : News : The Wolf Among Us' second episode expected first week of February, delay not typical
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THM Jan 14, 14
If only the graphics weren't like 'cartoonish or cell-shaded or whatever', I'd have played it already! There is a big difference between 'cartoon' and 'graphics', developers!!! I'd play PSOne again than playing the so-called 'Cartoonish games' these days!!

P.S. Yes, I'm looking at you Ninja Gaiden: Yaiba!
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Xeros the Slayer Jan 14, 14
I don't think graphics means what you think it means. Graphics means any visual whatsoever when it comes to videogames. What you want is high fidelity realism as opposed to a distinct aesthetic.

It doesn't work for everything (especially a game based on a comic book) and we have plenty of those kinds of games as it is, as well being prohibitively expensive which is a part of the homogenization of those games but that's a whole different can of worms.

I prefer distinct aesthetics because they don't age like ass and it's really easy to break the suspension of disbelief if you go for something realistic. It also helps set the game apart and helps set the tone.

You should give the game a shot. Unless late 80's/early 90's styles aren't to your liking, because this game is totally about the 80's/90's neo-noir styles.
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Lavitz Jan 14, 14
lol @ "meat" - I don't always read these articles, but when I do, I find an error every time.

I loved Ep1. Glad it was free over Christmas. Bought the season pass for $10 immediately afterward because I'm hooked after Ep1. Bring on early Feb!!
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