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Aulis Vaara Jan 8, 14
Gone Home was a great experience, but not even close to being worth twenty bucks.

Also, can we please stop with the "male power fantasy" bullshit? There are many kinds of games, and most are not about having power. And even those that you think are, really aren't. There's a reason why Link and Zelda fight against the Triforce of Power. In Half-Life 2, the g-man brags about how he controls your actions. Even in military shooters you only get to follow orders and instructions. So where exactly does this "power fantasy" come in?

Not that there's anything wrong with a power fantasy in the first place. Afterall, we play this to escape a reality where we often lack any power at all. Attacking this concept is really just adding frustration to a hobby that we invented to take away our frustrations. That can't end well.
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bluexy Jan 8, 14
Aulis Vaara Considering that actually, yes, The Legend of Zelda, Half-Life and military shooters are some of the most clear-cut male power fantasies I'd think that perhaps you may not be familiar with the trope.
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Peace-Child Jan 8, 14
Look, I'm going to be honest here. I really do not know what the hype is about this game.

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DedValve Jan 8, 14
You might want to spoiler tag your comment peace-child
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