Neoseeker : News : Neoseeker's Game of the Year 2013 Nominee Spotlight: BioShock Infinite
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Akataras Jan 8, 14
Bioshock Infinite absolutely blew my mind when I played it, still does. Even the Burial At Sea DLC, short as it may have been, still had enough to have me eager for more.

Story, gameplay, set pieces, voice acting, dialogue, the whole thing kept me invested from start to finish. I was never bored, never frustrated by anything, and Elizabeth never once got in my way while exploring Columbia.

Having an AI partner that not only isn't a chore to have, but actively helps you and interacts with the surroundings in a believable way, and isn't in need of constant obsession protection because they keep stupidly running into danger is a refreshing change. Elizabeth was never irritating, and was an AI partner you actually wanted to protect, not just throw off the nearest edge into the sky below.

Everything about the game hit all the right notes with me, definitely my personal Game of the Year 2013, if nothing else.
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Drogo Baggins Jan 8, 14
^ Y'know, there were some things that sort of bothered me about this game, but I think I was too harsh on it shortly after playing it.

Reading your post and looking back on the experience, I think you make a lot of good points.

One amazing touch in the game:

Still not my personal GOTY, but I think it's much better than I initially gave it credit for.
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Balmung Jan 8, 14
I'm actually starting to love strong-female lead characters in stories. MIkasa in Attack on Titan, Asuna in Sword Art Online, and Elizabeth in Infinite. Tired of the damsel in distress act.
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RabidChinaGirl Jan 8, 14
Drogo Baggins Believe me, BioShock Infinite wasn't really a game I jumped on immediately after finishing it, either. But I haven't really stopped thinking about it since then! At the end of the day, I think I do really love the game, and it definitely deserved a nomination.
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DedValve Jan 8, 14
I keep forgetting about this game and how it's going to be free on PS+ so quickly. I can't wait to try it out.
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Xeros the Slayer Jan 9, 14
I really liked it, but after the half point it kinda fell apart for me. It had nice moments, but... I dunno. I don't want to go into spoilers, suffice it to say, I wasn't pleased coming out of the game.

On a less spoilery disappointment, the combat. Not that it was too CoD-like or whatever the common complaints are, but the fact that you fight veritable armies in this little city in the sky. It feels as if 90% of the population are cops, anti-Comstock Soldiers, and Vox Populi. There's like fifteen non-combatants in all of Columbia versus hundreds of police.

I just feel the setting doesn't lend itself to such large scale combat, and would have preferred less, but stronger enemies as there were in the original Bioshock. Combat and level design revolving around it as it is also detracted from the sense of exploration I was anticipating so much with the game.

Worst of all, visual upgrades to the guns were gone D:
Instead we're offered slightly different versions of each gun about three quarters of the way into the game. You don't need that! You had a perfectly fine system of a handful of guns with very unique and interesting designs and multiple shot types.
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