Neoseeker : News : Twitch responds to stream latency concerns, delays to remain though Twitch is "aware and sympathetic"
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Leon_Gehste Dec 20, 13
Twitch is becoming terrible, some streams I was always able to watch are now beginning to buffer most of the time, my friend has trouble with my stream now when I'm still using the same setup before the twitch changes and they had no problem. Why is twitch only catering to the big MLG channels that are just meh, iNSTAGIB is starting to look better and better right now.
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Soltice Dec 20, 13
they definetely shot themselves in the foot with xbones and PS4's integrated software, if they did some kind of monthly payment plan to get their revenues up, they wouldnt have to be lying in our faces to sacrifice equipment issues to "save 15%" on latency's MLG channels and ungrateful partnered streamers aka cleavaged girls with no video game knowledge that are given the special treatment and giving potential and fun streamers struggling to at least enjoy their hobby
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DedValve Dec 20, 13
Twitch is getting shitty, youtube just went to the shitter jesus christ consoles FINALLY come out with a share function and now there's nowhere to upload your shit?

Welp off to ustream or whatever the hell Sony has as an alternative to twitch =/
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casanovanatalie Dec 21, 13
This blog is the biggest piece of garbage. These aren't facts, these are rumors and bullshit. Twitch finally UPGRADED their system to the newest technology which also, unfortunately, has a small delay anywhere from 10-45 seconds - NOT 60. Even so, as a streamer with 400+ viewers on average, I have no issue waiting an extra few seconds to see the chat respond. The video is much less laggy, playback on vods is flawless now and I don't mind the change. It has nothing to do with anti-consumerism and all this bullshit hivemind crap this blog spews. Get your facts straight!
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AWellTrainedFerret Jan 7, 14
I used to be a streamer on Twitch. Not a big one mind you, but I had a growing community of regular followers that I enjoyed streaming to and conversing with while doing so. But it is painfully obvious that Twitch simply 100% does not care about the little guys. It's too busy sucking off e-sports and major mobile companies. Why do e-sports even have chat? Have you ever looked at those chat rooms? Why would Twitch prioritize those rooms on their servers over the rooms in which you can actually carry on a decent intelligent conversation? And why would Twitch completely destroy it's functional latency system for this new system that makes any stream unwatchable regardless of your internet connection? I'm not sorry for people on mobile devices that complain about lag. Why? BECAUSE YOU'RE ON A MOBILE DEVICE. Get a clue people. It was fun while it lasted, but to my followers I must say farewell.
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