Neoseeker : News : Intense MapleStory 2 cinematic announcement trailer's got mad drops, 3D chibis
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MarchtheBurg Dec 16, 13
I remember having a bit of fun playing the first Maplestory. Perhaps, if I can convince some friends to join me, I'll give this a try.
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Lorx Dec 16, 13
Really curious to see how this turns out. We only have one piece of game footage for MS2 right now I believe, and it's hard to pull any information from it. Not only is it very old (so, pre-alpha level footage), but it's also very small so it's hard to make out much of anything for it:

They also stated they plan to support MS1 & MS2 at the same time, not abandoning the first title, but not entirely sure how long they'll keep that up. Really whether or not this game will float rests on early execution. A lot of people over the years have tried MS1 and played it for a bit, enough where there should be a fair amount of people curious about a sequel. But I haven't really seen Nexon execute anything strongly for the series in quite some time. If we're lucky maybe it's because they shuffled the original dev team off to make this instead, leaving a lesser team to handle MS1.

As for lore;
quote FAQ
‘MapleStory 2′ takes place in a world from a previous time period. Some monsters and areas from ‘MapleStory’ might show up but ‘MapleStory 2′ is being developed to have different and interesting characteristics.
Possibly we'll be looking at the time period when the Black Mage was around the first time, Nexon tends to string things together a bit, so it seems likely we'll be able to draw connections between the two games. They've also really, really loved tying everything back to the Black Mage and the heroes/etc who were around then, so seeing a another heavy focus on that, this time as more of an origins story seems likely to me.
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MrGrimm Dec 17, 13
I used to have fun on MapleStory. I grew a bit numb to it though, because the new classes totally outclassed my old fellow.

I'm gonna have to give this a try.
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