Neoseeker : News : Dark Souls 2 screenshots give sneak peek of Covenant, multiplayer
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THM Dec 5, 13
It's a shame that we can't play it on PlayStation 4.
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Xeros the Slayer Dec 5, 13
"Can you imagine how gorgeous the world would be with improved visuals?"

PC version's got you covered on that. Remember it's PC first and then toned down for the consoles.

Edit: On a different note, it's still really weird for me to see so many reused armors and weapons after going from Demon's to Dark which had no design carry over.
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Wakaman Dec 5, 13
Man I was really hoping that Sunbro was an npc not a player when I saw the image.
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Saikyo Mantis Dec 11, 13
Speaking of covenants, the Japanese website updated with mini-explanations of some of groups the player can join:

Blue Sentinels
Phantom color: blue
Dark Souls similarity: a more proactive Blade of the Darkmoon covenant
Function: The Blue Sentinels members protect other players when invaded. You are automatically summoned into a player's world to defend them.

Way of the Blue
Phantom color: blue
Dark Souls similarity: Like having Blade of the Darkmoons on speed dial. They are the cops that answer your 911 call.
Function: When invaded, a Way of the Blue phantom will automatically be summoned to your aid.

Brotherhood of Blood
Phantom color: red
Dark Souls similarity: Dark Wraith covenant
Function: Invade other players' worlds. Instead of collecting humanity you are defeating other players to sacrifice their blood for the god of war, Nahr Alma.

Heirs to the Sun
Phantom color: yellow
Dark Souls similarity: Warrior of Sunlight covenant
Function: The Heirs to the Sun covenant also help other players, but with manual summoning accessed by special soapstone summoning signs.

Bell Keepers
Phantom color: black
Dark Souls similarity: Forest Hunter covenant defending Darkroot Garden
Function: Bell Keepers guard twin bells, a symbol of the bond between two lovers who could not be united. Members of this Covenant are automatically summoned into another player’s world when they enter an area with a bell and their goal is defeat the approaching player.
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MarcusDupree777 Dec 16, 13
MAN! i can't Wait for this game!
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