Neoseeker : News : Fable Anniversary will get a limited edition hardcover game guide, with special unlocks
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BlackScythe Dec 4, 13
... I preordered Fable 3. A game which entered my small list of all time worst games that I have personally played.

Not interested.
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Epoch Dec 4, 13
i remember playing fable 1.

It took me like 4 hours to get the solaris sword, figure out how to make unlimited money, get the solaris sword, and dark/light armors. (completely neutral somehow, even tho i killed the girl)

That game was waaay to easy, its like it was designed for children.
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Petzrule Dec 4, 13
I like the Fable series. But that's exactly the problem. It's never been a particularly engaging game series for me and definitely not one that I would pour thousands of hours of my time into, like, say, that wonderful Elder Scrolls game about dragons.
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Rendan Dec 4, 13
Yeah I was hyped for Fable 3 but man I'm glad I waited before buying it because it saved me some cash.....Rule #1 The majority of games with a lot of hype usually turn out to be a letdown.....except for Skyrim.....because Skyrim is our lord and savior.
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