Neoseeker : News : Metro: Last Light promised future support for Steam OS and Steam Controller, Linux version out now
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THM Nov 5, 13
I might play it this holiday
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Drogo Baggins Nov 5, 13
This is probably my favorite FPS ever. I platinum'd that shit, yo.

The only thing missing was a mission that I could just play over and over, like the Silent Cartographer in Halo 1.

And it a HUGE improvement on 2033. Honestly, I thought 2033 was sort of painful, but Last Light is incredible.

I was watching my brother play one day, and he got in a firefight with some soldiers. He hid behind cover, crouch-walked around, and came up behind the group and they were still looking for him where they last saw him.

Blew my mind. That's the way it should be.
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