Neoseeker : News : Battlefield 4 "exclusive" beta begins, and EA names a few ways you can get in early
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LZ Schneider Oct 1, 13
I have managed to get into one match on the PS3 and so far it's... BF3 but with more fluid animations. Fun stuff, I'm sure, but I was unable to complete one entire game due to the game randomly freezing up on me like Black Ops on the Wii. OHHHHH SNAP! WIii SLAM!
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Tenken Oct 1, 13
I logged a few hours on the PC beta and I have to agree, BF3 with enhanced graphics and slightly more detailed destruction.

"Levolution" isn't really that exciting, and actually kind of annoying with all the dust it stirs up in the map.
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S-I-E Oct 2, 13
got the ps3 version myself. you guys should have seen me being all pro in the helicopter yesterday. the controls for that thing were completely changed again and i ended upside down burning half the time just like old times

here's how my gameplay went:
lift off > start wobbling around> crash > edit settings.
start spinning > lift off then crash > edit settings
press stuff but nothing happens for 2 mins > teammates start yelling > edit settings
lift off > fly to target > support teammates > get hit by collapsing skyscraper > crash > put pistol in mouth


i did manage to get an impressive K/D with it though. 14 deaths and 1 roadkill not bad for a beta
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Dilute Oct 25, 13
Nice! I'll be getting this right away. Need to check it out
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