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Silicor Sep 30, 13
I feel you are too harsh on the micro-transaction model of card hunter. If you are looking to play completely for free, it will take time to grind your up the power scale. However, it is possible. All cards are available to all players.

I don't like micro-transactions and am skeptical of any new games with it. I purchased the $25 package that gives extra character models, 100 pizza, unlocks all bonus adventures(extra content) & club membership for one month. I looked at this as a game cost and I feel good about the purchase. I haven't used the pizza and the extra loot with the membership is nice. I don't see any reason to spend any more money till there is an expansion and there are hours of content. After playing through the whole campaign, each scenario has challenges like.. complete mission without dieing, play with all cards with drawbacks, play with all clerics, etc.. For me, I like jumping on single player and chipping away at this content because the AI and challenges are well constructed.

I haven't played multilayer, but one encouraging sign is that matchmaking is done by player rating. You can even get matched against AI if no-one is available at your level. This nullifies the cash=win argument.

In summary, I feel card hunter is a solid game with a good single player challenge. Totally playable for free, but may be too much of a grind for some. For $25, extra content and club membership provide faster loot to get powerful more quickly.
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