Neoseeker : News : Voice and movement capture tech detailed for Project Spark, act out and voice in-game cutscenes
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DedValve Aug 20, 13
Looks like Gabe Newells prophecy rang true. (I'm paraphrasing here so forgive me):

"Give the players the ability to make their own star wars (read: any) movie, sure the majority of them will be terrible, but a few of them will be excellent."
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Huntereb Aug 20, 13
This was the only game Microsoft has shown off that looks interesting to me. It looks fun, silly, and incredibly creative (And I myself love games with lots of customization). The sad thing is that it could be so much better on PC, with so much more customization options, except, ya know, "*bleep* our other operating system that everyone already hates, so let's discriminate against it somore."
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LloydToS Aug 21, 13
Looks like this game can capture the amazing custom maps from Warcraft 3, mix it with minecraft and other sandbox elements like little big planet and bam. Huge potential.
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