Neoseeker : News : Blizzard reveals that Titan's new direction is 'unlikely to be a subscription based MMORPG'
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tekmosis Aug 1, 13
Subscriptions are a "thing of the past". Microtransactions for cosmetic items is the wave of the future. It's good to hear that whatever this is, isn't going to have a subscription.

I wish Squeenix would do the same with FF XIV.

I also wish they'd hurry up and announce what the damn thing is too it's getting to be like an unknown Duke Nukem Forever.
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LloydToS Aug 2, 13
It's a good thing they realize subscription based gaming is a thing of the past with competitors using the more favourable microtransaction methods. It's likely still quite far away from an actual announcement on what the actual setting is even going to be. I don't think we'll be seeing the game before 2015.
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