Neoseeker : News : Xbox One launch title Kinect Sports Rivals delayed into spring 2014, playable at PAX Prime
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Rayce Jul 25, 13
See, I feel like this game would end up like Wii Sports; good as a starter game to play once you open the box and push power. I mean, I don't play Wii Sports anymore, maybe on occasion when we're having a party or family gathering, but that's about it. Still, it will be interesting to see how this is played at launch, and I'm hoping for the best for the game.
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Huntereb Jul 25, 13
As if anyone cares what the launch titles for this piece of crap are going to be anyway. They've already lost all of my trust, I'm never buying anything related to XBox ever again. I'm even going so far as removing Windows 8 and replacing it with Windows 7 when I get new systems (Because Windows 8 is trash, and cluttered with XBox bullshit).

Halo can "something" itself.
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