Neoseeker : News : Assorted Assassin's Creed 4 screenshots and concept art related to SDCC and the Jackdaw
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Lollipopz12 Jul 22, 13
I'm really behind on the franchise. Stopped playing after Brotherhood. :x
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THM Jul 22, 13
One thing I wanna tell to the developers of Assassin's Creed 4/Black Flag:

If you follow the same monotonous gameplay style of AC3, this game is sure to fail. Furthermore, AC 3 suffers the 'identity crisis' because it wanted to be a 'brawler like Fighting Force', Assassin's Creed is NOT 'Fighting Force', the sense of monotony is prevalent in AC 3!

The story-driven action is somewhat undermined by 'task-driven actions' which are nothing but the same throughout the whole game. Sea battles are cumbersome and boring to some extent. Above all, the game was rush to make more money for CEO rather than delivering a quality gameplay.

As far as I'm concerned, they ruined the AC franchise, it's, in effect, going downhill!!!!!
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Intoxication Jul 22, 13
THM pretty much says everything I wanted/was going to say because I am in the very same frame of mind about this franchise. It seems the franchise has drifted (pardon the pun) further away from the series with this next installment, but I am holding on the the hope that any days now, they will release info on how this is tied to the series, because so far, the only thing that resemble anything AC is the title.
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Taki Jul 28, 13
Agreed with THM as well, especially when it comes to those *bleep*ing sea battles.

This game's bright locations and set shows just how much they've drifted from the feel of the first game, which was dark and mysterious. Not only do I think they should *completely* change the gameplay, but they need to simplify the whole deal. I'd rather play with a ruthless assassin who just kills people and whom I don't know anything about than this overcomplicated story of a *bleep*ing pirate.

Every time I see something new from this game, I keep thinking about of the first game's trailer which made me fall in love with the series. (not to say I like the first game tho cus I didn't.)
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Shave ya Head Aug 2, 13
Wow, that shark screenshot

Please don't tell me it's gonna be one of those game with Sharks that frighten the living hell out of you. (I'm looking at you, Far Cry 3)
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