Neoseeker : News : Big-haired Ultimate Warrior is WWE 2K14's pre-order bonus, the true definition of 'Always Believe'
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Largerock Jul 16, 13

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Andy3639 Jul 16, 13
Cans of Wuppass all around im buying
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rocky_jbpe Jul 16, 13
Why does he get so much hate? Yeah I bet nobody's ever liked him. I bet nobody has ever been a mark for Warrior. I bet everyone has always hated him. I guess nobody bought his DVDs, his merchandise, his shirts, etc. I guess nobody packed the buildings when he wrestled. I bet nobody cheered for him or chanted for him. I bet.

Good addition. Definitely a legend. He seems very clear-minded. He is not a complete scumbag in the business. He's just a guy that was pusehed really fast, he wanted to make money for himself at a time where the only successful people were the ones that did that, and now he's very distant from the wrestling business. He's a normal guy who had a few years of greatness in the ring. Why hate?
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