Neoseeker : News : Broken Age needs more money, Double Fine to release Early Access in January, full game in spring
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nipsen Jul 3, 13

Haven't they been fairly explicit about how things were in their documentary..? They had a design they would be able to complete. This is a revised version of the original draft, and removed certain areas and puzzles that would stretch their resources too thin and take too much time. And overall direction and the quality of the visuals initially made that approach favourable. Because including all the areas would not be easy, or pretty. Hence, original draft, early plan, involved a somewhat cut-down version of the original draft. A full game, but without certain areas.

If they then release part of the game, with the areas they have and will complete, which is smaller than the "revised draft". But which then will allow them to complete the full draft in the end, with the visual fidelity they eventually decided to require...? Along with mechanics and animation of the sort they visualized. I.e., in other words, being able to complete the full draft, with their own money, in spite of going way past the initial budget, and drawing out the time they initially thought they would use, etc..

How is that a huge problem..?

And remember the initial pitch: "We're going to make an adventure game, that we don't know when we'll complete, or what will look like when we're done. Give us money!".

So now some PR-drunk fat arse at GAF has decided to punish Double Fine for being open about their process. Saying, implicitly, and on behalf of all of us, that they require the royal distance to the providers of Entertainment, of the kind that Ubi, Activision and EA deigns to give us. Where we are completely in the dark, have no idea what the actual process is, or what the f. we're paying for in the first place, or how much they're earning on a sale.

That's what is being said on our behalf right now. "Stop talking about money! It upsets me! I much prefer to just pay 60 dollars for a hollywood style advertisement budgets, and an overpriced serial-produced repetition with a new skin on! I'm a childish egotist, and I'm going to ruin it for everyone because the holy trifecta of IGN, GAF and Sterling has the power to do it!".

Seriously, f. off.
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