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MultiH Jun 18, 13
One small correction, participating in the tribunal no longer gives you IP. This has been changed about a year ago to make sure that players voting pardon/punished really want to help make the community a better place.
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Lorx Jun 18, 13
Lyte's a really cool guy, he posts on the official forums a lot talking about how the system works and the mentality of how they want these things to work, and it's always really interesting stuff. Glad to see you guys had the time to interview him during E3!

A decrease of 20% in repeat offenses is really quite astonishing, especially for a genre considered to be the worst offender in the history of gaming for bad behavior, save maybe Call of Duty-ish shooters. Speaks loads for the company when the community is as tame as it is. That's not to say the community as a whole is fantastic, I mean, we all get bad apples in our games, but it's certainly hugely better than could be expected, or for that matter was years ago when the game launched.

Really excited to see their future plans for Honor, and behavior-tuning features in general.

...Maybe an interview with Xypherious is due so we can balance out sociology talk with mechanics talk?
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RabidChinaGirl Jun 18, 13
Guest: There's supposed to be a "formerly" in there. Thanks for catching it.
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ShadowCrystallux Jun 19, 13
Maybe I'm being a pessimist but I really don't see that the shaping of a kind community is working.

The tribunal is a really 'meh' place now, because you don't get any IP reward, and all you really get is a 'pat on the back' and the ego of getting ranked among others doing it. I believe they should give some kind of minor handout or something for doing it, after all, when I do examine a case, I'm extremely scrutinising about each case, allowing for 1-5 minutes per case (or at least, I was before I stopped). It felt good to help the community, but it feels even better when getting rewarded for doing so.

The honour system is another one of those, 'pat on the back' things. No-one gives out honour much anymore, and there's little motivation to hand out honour to quite a large percentage of the community. There's just too few honourable people in the community (at least around my hidden MMR).

The tips that are on screen actually annoy me, to a minor extent.

If Riot's rewards actually felt like something, then people might clean-up their act. I lost my ribbons a few weeks back, I've acted the same as I always do (relatively patient and kind) and I have no motivation to kiss everybody's ass to get it back.
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BluAnimal Jun 20, 13
The initiative to shape the community feels like a nanny giving you a slap on the wrist. It's for children. But then again, the League of Legends community is comprised of mostly children, or manchildren.

Do I see improvement? Yes I do. Little by little, yes. But you really have to enjoy this game to look past the community. I still get honored a majority of my games and I give it out when I remember to. Whenever I play a ranked queue I rarely find people with a sour attitude. The only time I see the real knockdown drag out horror of the community is in a normal game when someone has had a bad day.

There's really no way for Riot to stop people from being sh*t heads without a ban or punishment of sorts. The positivity they've dumped into the community was nice, and for a few weeks it worked great. I still think its made an impact on everyone's attitude, but barely. The only way to really deal with the unpleasant part of the community is not positivity but punishment.
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Couttsy Jun 21, 13
I don't find that many people give out honors anymore, I lost my teamwork banner earlier today but I still have a honorable opponent banner, and I bet i'll eventually lose that one.

I think it has made a small difference, but i think riot still needs fairly harsh punishments to shape the community maybe be slightly harsher on repeat offenders to the tribunal as 70% of players who enter the tribunal never return anyway. If you have made it to the tribunal twice and were punished I think riot should have reason to give out harsher punishments

That is my first page of tribunal votes, and of the whole page there is only 1 person who I thought should be pardoned, and he didn't end up getting it.

I have also perma banned 5 people, and I have done 89 cases, so every 1/18 players sent to the tribunal have been perma banned (according to my stats anyway) and I think that number is to high personally.
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