Neoseeker : News : Flashback re-imagining officially announced by original creator's studio VectorCell, coming to XBLA and PSN
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nipsen Apr 11, 13
"Ladies and Gentlemen! Observe this fantastic act of creativity that conjures emotion and engagement with the audience! I have in my hand a .... Star Wars figure! It is a Millenium Falcon that resembles the one you played with as a kid! I have it in my hand, look at it fly! Parsecs and smuggling runs astern! Universe and infinity beyond!

And now, observe as I throw it to the ground and smash it! Then jump up and down on it! *AAARRHGHHHGHGHGG* And crush it into tiny plastic pieces! *GGNNNNAHH!!*

And now, observe as I pull down my pants and adorn this magnificent engaging and creative work with a crown of fertilizing fecal matter! *HHHNNNNNGG* It is, indeed, all of my own creation!

And is it not an emotionally engaging experience! Yes, a veritable buffet of fantasy and imagination that far surpasses the intensity of the memory as it was! Ladies and Gentlemen, observe this fantastic creative work!"
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Yay4sean Apr 11, 13
It's like Total Recall (the movie) in video game form! The characters even look similar!
(Hopefully that won't reflect the quality....)
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Krantos Apr 11, 13
Bear in mind, this is the studio that Brought us AMY.

That does not bode well.
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daveyd Apr 14, 13
No PC version? That's irritating. I have a PS3 but Sony won't accept my credit cards for no apparent reason... .

The trailer looks interesting so I'll keep an eye on this one.
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