Neoseeker : News : Romance more kingdoms with Dynasty Warriors 8, announced for North American release on July 16
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Gotenks Apr 3, 13
bluexy: Just pointing out the spelling error in your little "quick note" with Warriors. And btw I believe DW7:E was only released on the PSN(that's what other sites tell me).

Not a huge wait for the game either. Three months to go.
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Brau 1589 Apr 3, 13
Like Warriors Orochi 3, Koei cut costs and released Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires as a no-dub download. 8GB and only Japanese voiceovers.

I'm so happy to hear this won't be the case for Dynasty Warriors 8. To me, this is finally the next-gen DW we've been waiting for. Everyone gets story modes. No clones! (No clones!!!) And seventy characters is crazy (7% of the cast is from the Guan clan alone!).
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Deathman48 Apr 4, 13
That's brilliant timing for me as I'll actually have some free time to play it then.

Good to get some confirmation of a release date finally, a few months difference isn't really that bad I don't think.
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Artirtico Apr 5, 13
Hoorah! Finally! The lack of announcement for this was just plain cruel, but all is good now My 'secret shameful love' is already plastered everywhere, so no issue there ha.
UK got DW7:Empires and Warriors Orochi 3 on disc, though they were still subbed. Turns out we get DW8 a few days before the US too tehe
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