Neoseeker : News : SimCity receives a Nissan Leaf charging station as free DLC, and it's not very subtle
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IcarusAbides Apr 4, 13
quote Dynamite
Is anyone genuinely actually that bothered about product placements such as this? What I do find unsubtle is the disdain shown for product placement expressed in this article which I can't help but feel is perhaps a little OTT, especially considering the fact this DLC is optional anyway. Personally I feel the use of real products in games can actually enhance immersion and improve realism sometimes, particularly when the item in question is harmonious with the game's landscape such as this.

The Nissan charging station looks cool to me.
The product placement aspect doesn't bother me, it even adds a level of realism having real companies and products in game so long as it's not crow barred in at the expense of the game itself.

The DLC aspect of modern gaming still annoys me a lot, It's a major part of the gaming experience these days and on the whole I can live with it but when I sit down and think about it I really do hate the whole DLC and micro payment culture we have now especially when it feels like developers or producers have held back content just to sell as DLC.

I miss old fashioned expansions but I guess that's just me being nostalgic about it.
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YoGramGram Apr 10, 13
Don't see why too many people are mad about this. Partnerships are everywhere, just some more noticeable than others. Plus, it's free, so you don't have to get it. Plus, I think it looks cool, it adds a thin layer of realism into SimCity. I only see this DLC as a positive, I actually hope to see more DLC like this in the future.
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