Neoseeker : News : Gearbox details storage, ammo SDU, and level cap increases for Borderlands 2
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Shadow of Death Mar 28, 13
I'll rage if the Backpack and Bank storage upgrades are only the usual 3 and 2 respectively. That would be a paltry increase that makes little difference. Sure it would help, but not even enough to compensate for another 11 levels >_< I hope it's a LOT more than that. More like 5 for player, and 10 for bank. Fat chance.

I'm hoping the Ancient E-Tech relics are really good, and not like Seraph or Pirate relics, in that they have nice effects, but either have conditions on them, or the effects aren't powerful enough.

And yeah, my theory that Pearls were only available on Ultimate mode seems confirmed. I just hope that it comes with a corresponding increase in Orange loot dropping. Pearls replace oranges, and oranges should spawn several times more often perhaps. Hopefully....
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