Neoseeker : News : Creative Assembly announces Total War: Arena, mixing online multiplayer RTS and MOBA gameplay
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ambing1 Apr 16, 13
Defense of the Ancients (dota) was the original multiplayer online battle arena (moba). You pick a hero and fight to defend your base against multiple lanes of NPC mobs that come at you while aiding your own mobs against the enemy base. Kill enemy heroes, etc. An opposing team of heroes does the same. You level up, buy items, and delve into the ridiculously complex system of balance between heroes.

So this is like that in the sense that you can apply the vague term "moba" to it, but it won't have the lanes or the NPC mobs.

Actually sounds somewhat promising compared to the first impression I had of this. Taking control of just a few units in a much larger Total War battle is something I've often wished to do in Shogun 2. The battle size became too unwieldy for my taste as you leveled up in the matchmaking. Controlling 20 units with no pause in multiplayer takes some intense management.
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