Neoseeker : News : Skullgirls crowdfund campaign earns over $600K, meaning it's time to vote for the third DLC character
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Shadow of Death Mar 28, 13
NOOO! The site went kaput with about 5 minutes left, and last I saw it was only about $600 away from getting the $825K upgrade. Probably won't now, unless a few backers were lucky enough to get their payments through in the last few seconds before the site died .

EDIT: And then, a minute later the site was up again. Fortunately, it had made the $825K with a minute to spare.
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Yay4sean Mar 28, 13
I saw that too. I had this horrible feeling of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
But yes! Also, the main page is often delayed by about a minute. Good example, the page said it was over, but only showed $825,550, but now shows $829,829!
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Mikau Kahn Mar 28, 13
Well empty my bottles and call me parched, we did it!
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Mikau Kahn Mar 29, 13
Yay4Sean Shadow of Death

If you guys care to know, and for anyone else, there's a little news update.

Although 850,000 would have been needed to give the last character a storymode and stage, something happened to their funds and they actually have more than expected. So, even though the funds were $20k short, we still get the new stage and story mode.

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