Neoseeker : News : Resident Evil: Revelations makes Rachel playable in Raid Mode, plenty of boob-shots for her AND zombies
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Zombie_Barioth Mar 20, 13
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Even Rachel's zombie form has that dumb haircut. Instead of the boob physics, Capcom should spend some time on hair physics. As in, how is possible to run around and fight for your life with hair in your eyes?
I've always wondered that myself, never mind just getting around without running into things. I mean at least zombies seem have an increased sense of smell and hearing, enough so to get around without their eyesight and discern between the living and the dead at least.
Maybe she doesn't have eyes. MAYBE her bosom functions as optics and balancing mechanisms.
LMAO, I don't even know what to say to that.
I'm nearsighted so my depth-perception without my glasses is rather poor, but I can only imagine what its like with hair that long.
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