Neoseeker : News : Despite all the launch issues and drama, SimCity sales exceed 1.1 million over first two weeks
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Aulis Vaara Mar 18, 13
Well, it is a rather unique game, and building something IS actually more fun than just shooting something. It's a big part of why 4X and other strategy games are awesome. And why strategy games without base building are much less interesting. Even those RPG elements every game now seems to borrow is all about building your characters. Building things is just awesome.

That said, many will still not like the online-only bit, nor the fact that bigger cities will only be available through (presumably paid) dlc.
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DedValve Mar 18, 13
Just imagine how many more sales could have been had if people could pathfind themselves out of an infinite loop and to the nearest retailer.
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Huntereb Mar 19, 13
This game is only playable online? Why isn't this free then? Just looks more and more like a damn Farmville clone, I bet they even have a "Buy more [game credits]" thing in the corner that lets users get more points for money. Tell me this isn't true without lying, I dare you.
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Spook Mar 19, 13
I think it has more to do with the game being a lot of fun, and the fact that a lot of fans have been anticipating this for too long to let EA's blunders deter them completely. That's the case for me, anyway.

Something had to go wrong, but it's in the past.
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