Neoseeker : News : Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developer TimeGate Studios suffers layoffs, official statement is vague
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THM Mar 5, 13
They should deserve it!!!!!
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InitiallySane Mar 6, 13
THM, this is someone's livelihood we're reading about. It's always unfortunate when someone loses their means of providing for themselves and their families. Yeah, their game sucked, but to say they deserve to be fired because a majority didn't like what their team produced? That's just ignorant.
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Coi Cki Mar 7, 13
In my opinion, Gearbox should've taken a more active role in the development process. Not just sign the contract with SEGA and shove it to another developer. SEGA should've supervised the project, too, instead of just throwing money at it and waiting to see what happens. Money that, if rumors are to be believed, Gearbox used for Borderlands - games instead.

It does look like TimeGate got the short end of the stick here. Hopefully the people in question will be hired by another company soon.
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Raijin1999 Mar 7, 13
The short answer - they're a small studio having to invest into R&D into developing for much easier console that require less workers. Should have little to do with Colonial Marines at all, aside from assuring that DLC for Colonial Marines is going to be handled by Gearbox instead.

EA has already said what would have taken 3 months to code on the current gen systems will take, by comparison, 3 days. That's a pretty big sign that smaller studios can get in on the next gen for less risk, and all things considered, Timegate likely isn't signed up for dozens of contracts right now and wouldn't need to retain a large staff.

If them devs were working with Timegate to begin with thems was just training wheels anyway. Time to move up into the big leagues. I'd hire them. I mean, i'd yell at them first, but i'd hire 'em.
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