Neoseeker : News : Season Pass announced for BioShock Infinite, Irrational monetizes our anticipation with DLC
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Yay4sean Feb 21, 13
A sad day in the gaming industry. (that sort of rhymes!)
Even with silly DLC packs, I'll still enjoy the game as thoroughly as possible. Bioshock Infinite is also my most anticipated game of 2013. So long as they don't butcher the atmosphere/story/everything good about the game with the DLC, I'll make it.
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Abyss Raider Feb 21, 13
First it was disc-locked content, then it was online passes, now it's season passes. This makes me sad. Like yay3sean said, I hope this doesn't tarnish the game's story or gameplay. I'm cool if you release DLC, but don't leave out bits of it that should have been a part of the story in the first place...
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